July 22

Episode 043 – Boost Procurement Perception – Pt. 1 Have a KILLER Profile


This is a new mini series and it was inspired by a recent article I read

Episode Highlights

  • First of all: Why do you have to boost the internal perception?
    • improves trust in you and your services
    • people, especially management will involve you more
      • especially if you provide thought leadership
    • as we also involve external facing measures this might lead to interesting job offers
  • the 5 topics we're going to cover in this series are
    • killer profile (this episode)
    • develop thought provoking content
    • participate in events (and speak on stage)
    • creating your own brand and the major tool to do it
      • hint: it's super obvious
    • final episode of this mini series: be controversial
  • so, a killer profile, what does that mean
  • these days we're using a lot of virtual tools
    • meeting tools like Zoom, MS Teams etc
    • we use office
    • all of these usually come with a user profile
    • this is your opportunity to make a promise to anyone who reads it
    • this could be something like:
      • I help the company to source at best total cost
      • I help my customers to smoothly go through the sourcing process
        • remember the episode where we talked about customers as a synonym for demand owners?
      • I fight unfair approaches forced upon us by sales people out there
        • this is already controversial, depending on the point of view, but we come to that in Monday's episode
    • also make sure you have a good and professional image of yourself
    • what would you prefer?
      • a professional image shot by a photographer or a crappy smartphone selfie in mummys rest room?
    • always make sure to use the same professional picture everywhere
    • think about a tag line in your email signature
    • this could be similar to the messages we discussed when it comes to user profiles
    • make sure that your contact details are always correct
      • you don't want people to search for a way to contact you.
      • in contact slides
      • in internal directories
      • in your email
    • major upgrade for a lot of people: your LinkedIn profile
      • nobody gives a shit if your title reads head of indirect procurement logistics sea freight or anything like this
        • although this might be your title
      • what people are drawn towards are interesting profiles
      • mine for example speaks about getting results, thought leadership and digitization
      • like and comment in a meaningful way. A like is nothing special, but if you could provide a good comment that motivates discussion, that's a huge step forward
      • you will stand out, because 90% of your peers have not yet discovered, what a great platform LinkedIn is
      • they just push stupid stuff down your throat
      • don't be that person, stand out and shine
    • bonus tip: I also adjusted my desktop background image to subtly transport my message
      • quotefancy is a good page for that, find a quote that supports your message and download the background image


Connect with my KILLER profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rpa-4-every1/

Quotefancy: https://quotefancy.com/


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