July 24

Episode 045 – Boost Procurement Perception – Pt. 3 Step up on Stage


This is part 3 of our 5 part series on how to boost the external perception of procurement pros

Episode Highlights

  • Part 1 was about creating a killer profile
  • Part 2 was about developing thought provoking ideas and tools
  • This is part 3 and this is one which is not comfortable for everyone
  • But I personally believe, that if you want to be a thought leader and want to be seen as such you need to step up your game
  • this involves something that some people fear more than death - public speaking
  • but I think that this is not so difficult especially for procurement pros, because we are somewhat used to being exposed
  • we also stand more often in the fire than other corporate functions due to the forceful nature of our profession
  • no matter if virtually these days or in person: participate in events and conferences, no matter if internal or run by a 3rd party
  • What should you talk about?
    • if you followed yesterdays idea, there will be enough ideas, that you develop and that you can talk about
    • or you have a use case where things went very well and you want to share them
      • of course only share what you can, but this is often good enough
    • or you enter a discussion round about best practices
    • I bet everyone has something to share
  • this by the way applies to both, external conferences as well as internal townhalls
  • another advantage, especially of external events is that they are fantastic networking opportunities
    • make sure to follow up with people you have met
    • also make sure to take notes through the talks of other people
      • this might be a great opportunity to apply other peoples best practices to your own procurement life
  • two very important tips that saved me from embarassing situations:
    • make sure you really have a good presentation that you have optimized through a few dry runs or test runs with peers, family and colleagues
    • if you speak up, make sure you and the organizer are aligned, about what you're going to talk
      • you want to avoid a situation in which you are announced as Bill, the procurement manager who tells the audience something about savings and your idea was to talk about procurement early involvement
  • this will give a huge boost to your confidence, but as said before, I guess missing confidence is usually not a procurement problem
  • this will also come in handy in tomorrow's episode about building your own brand


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