July 25

Episode 046 – Boost Procurement Perception – Pt. 4 Be your own brand


This is part no 4 of our series on how to boost the external perception of procurement

Episode Highlights

  • yesterday we talked about appearing on stage and sharing your successes
  • today we will cover the topic of being your own brand
  • personal branding is extremely important if you want to boost how others perceive you
    • this also accelerates your career
  • we already talked about your profiles in the first episode of this series
    • if you have missed that, make sure to go back and listen to episode 43
  • one very important tool to be your own brand is having your own website
  • why is this important?
    • this is a vehicle you have total control over
    • your facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile - all these things are controlled by a third party
    • your website is totally owned by you
    • you control it
    • it can become your playground for idea you want to share but that don't find a place in your specific corporate environment
  • and it's very easy, you don't have to be a developer to have your own website
  • this could be as extensive as my website - ProcurementZen.com or as small as a one page profile website
  • the amazing thing about having your own website is not only control but also that you can extend it if you feel the need for it
  • techstack wise I would recommend WordPress and a pre-made theme, such as the Hoffman theme (link in the description) https://andersnoren.se/teman/hoffman-wordpress-theme/
  • WordPress is super easy to install and their are numerous tutorials out there.
    • I have linked one where you build a website in less than 30 mins in the description below: 
  • Hosting is important so I have added a link to my hosting provider below
    • disclaimer: affiliate link - I earn a small commission at no extrac cost to you, if you go through that link
    • Dreamhost is fantastic, great service and very reliable
  • if you have any tech questions on how to do this, just leave a comment below and I will answer it
  • some more advantages:
    • makes an excellent impression if you say, you can reach me at jim@jimjones.com
    • make sure to add it to your social media profiles, at least to LinkedIn
  • yesterday we talked about speaking at external events
    • make sure to post a summary or at least the event logo on your website
    • this is a massive credibility improver
  • if you decide to use your website to all post your ideas in a kind of blog, make sure to mention that in your LinkedIn profiles and share the blog post with your network
  • tomorrow, in the last and final part, we talk about being controversial



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