July 27

Episode 048 – Procurement Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation of Procurement - a topic very dear to my heart. See, how to do it the right way (plus some ideas)

Episode Highlights

If you think you're digital transformation will be your next big tool rollout, you're maybe out of the game already

  • digitization these days happens bottom
  • you are the expert
  • there is a clear expectation that you use your expertise also in digital projects
  • ... or in a digital way
  • handing it over to "IT" just doesn't cut it anymore
    • IT has been trimmed down massively over the past years
    • they focus on key and important topics
    • more business partners than developers themselves
  • you have the duty to combine your strategic know how with digital tools
  • but what does that mean in practice?
  • Imagine you're tasked with helping your procurement colleagues on the fly
  • a 1990 approach would be: I have it all in my head, I tell them when I'm asked
    • wrong mindset
  • a 2000 approach would be: I think I create a Powerpoint to share
    • wrong medium
  • a 2010 approach would be: let's ask IT if they can develop something for me (preferrably in an agile way)
    • wrong delivery partner
  • the 2021 approach goes a little bit like this
    • you practice low code - use free visual or low code tools
    • we'll introduce one to you in the near future
    • your learn a computer language
      • yep, learning to code is the new "English" you have to learn
      • If you have more than 15 years to work and don't want to learn coding logic (at least), your ruling yourself out
  • some areas you can shine in:
    • negotiation support → a target price robot
    • supplier research → mass research alternatives as well as negotiation partners (psychology)
    • report automation → so you have more time for the fun stuff
  • these principles are true not only for procurement people but also for other negotiators like sales or legal colleagues


Episode 032 - using the DISC personality model in negotiations


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