July 30

Episode 051 – Weapons of Influence – Pt.3 – Social Proof


This is part 3 of our series on Cialdini's 6 weapons of influence

Episode Highlights

  • so far we have covered reciprocity and commitment / consistency

  • today we're going to talk about social proof

  • Social proof can be described as looking for clues how others have behaved and then do the same

  • the reason Amazon's product pages work so well is because they have perfected this measure

  • do you buy products based on other people's reviews if you are unsure?

  • social proof at its best

  • Social proof works extremely well when we are unsure and the outcome of an endeavour are unsure

  • another example: do you commute to work by car?

  • chances are pretty high, that you adjust the speed your driving to how fast others go

    • even though their might be a speed limit
    • everyone else is roughly 10% faster, so it will be ok if I drive 10% faster as well
  • Cialdini mentions an experiment run by scientists where a man on a busy sidewalk stops and looks up for about a minute

    • if only one man does it, roughly 4% would also look up
    • but if you increase the size of the group looking up consistenly the number of passers by who do the same explodes
    • how can you do the same in negotiations?
    • Show a list of other suppliers who responded to a request from you in a same way
    • A slide that reads: "these great companies also have used our contract templates to join our supply chain family" showing the logos of those companies
      • the bigger the names who did this the more effective this tactic will be
  • in a similar way you can also use testimonials of other (important or well known) suppliers how great it is to do business with you

  • those testimonials, which you hopefully do collect, work as endorsements

  • if you kick off a negotiation, why not include a video testimonial from a recent supplier that explains how doing business with you has improved their bottom line

    do you have case studies you did together with your supplier? Just introduce them into your negotiation because it confirms that others, who did the same were as successful as your current negotiation partner wants to be

  • This sums up part three of our series on tools of influence - social proof - and tomorrow we talka about authority


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