August 2

Episode 052 – Weapons of Influence – Pt.4 – Authority


This is the forth episode in our six part series on being influential

Episode Highlights

  • Today we cover the concept of authority as introduced by Robert Cialdini in his masterpiece "Influence"
  • In a nutshell: authority is one of the core building blocks of trust which is crucial for influence.
  • The chief of the tribe
  • the trainer who leads a team
  • the dentist in white lab coat
  • your college degree framed on the wall
  • all these things give authority and those that have those signs (the degree, the lab coat) have that authority automatically
  • A high status of the person making a request can make people more compliante with this request.
  • That's why so many jobs require you to wear a uniform
  • people that wear a uniform express authority on a certain topic
  • the pilot on an airplane of the captain of a cruise ship
  • an episode about the authority principle wouldn't be complete if we would not look at the especially dark sides of this specific measure.
  • The Milgram experiment for example: if an authority person asked for it, the participants were willing to massively hurt and eventually injure people unknown to them with electro shocks
  • it is not very far from this to the concentration camps of the Nazis.
  • But besides from these extreme examples, how could you use authority in your negotiation life?
  • has your company won any awards? show them.
  • this gives the perception that an unbiased third party certifies how great it is to do business with you
    • although this thrid party does not necessarily have to so unbiased
  • or you could use higher authority, e. g. your CFO not approving any payment term less than 90 days
    • you don't want me to go there for such a minor thing, do you?
  • maybe you can also bring someone in for a short amount of time or kind of keynote, someone from the C-level who is briefed to support your message
  • if you can, try to link your request to scientific research, e. g. if you are buying services from offshore, you could use some labor market studies to improve the pricing


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