August 4

Episode 053 – Weapons of Influence – Pt.5 – Liking


This is part 5 on our mini series about the weapons of influence, as introduced by Robert Cialdini.

Episode Highlights

  • Today, we're going to talk about liking.
  • Simply spoken: the more you like someone, the easier it is for them to persuade you
  • that's why your own children are so good at it
  • An interesting side effect of this is physical attractiveness.
  • We humans like physically attractive people and that's a reason why these attractive people are often times more successful, because they convince others to follow their lead
    • this is the "they have it all" effect
  • Another aspect of liking is that we like people that are similar to us
    • I like biking said Bob
    • Oh, me too, said Jim
    • Let's be friends said both
  • If you want to use this in negotiation, start with small talk
  • If you followed this podcast for some time, I have done an episode on research of negotiation counterparts.
  • use these research results and try to find matches with topics that you like
  • talk about these
  • Another great example of liking in action is starting a negotiation with some food
    • and I am not talking about having a few beverages and a bagel on the table
    • I am talking about a good nice joint breakfest before you talk
    • or a good lunch together, before negotiations start
    • this creates bonds between you and your negotiation partner
    • nearly nothing grows liking more than eating together
    • and if you invite the other party, reciprocity kicks in additionally
  • throughout negotiations you could also use metaphors and comparisons, that your counterpart is familiar with
    • if she's a sports girl, use sports comparisons
    • if he's a car guy, use examples that include cars
    • this will help to increase the liking between you and makes it easier for you to persuade them


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