Negotiation Snippets

Negotiation Snippets

Below you will find all the presentations from my Negotiation Snippets series over at YouTube.

Download these short handy slides, that explain

  • What it is
  • Why it works
  • How it works
  • check
    How they are classified (time needed, experience needed, aggressiveness, risks)

Negotiation Snippet 001 - Ducks in a Row

Get your facts straight with this technique

Negotiation Snippet 002 - Authority Technique

In this negotiation trick I show you how to use an authority in your favor

Negotiation Snippet 003 - Ask for Assistance

Let your supplier help you to achieve the desired results

Negotiation Snippet 004 - Little Things Technique

A lot of little things quickly sum up

Negotiation Snippet 005 - The Artificial Timeline

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