At ProcurementZen I know that negotiators are sometimes not respected as they deserve it and often only achieve mediocre results.

I teach negotiators how to get their messages heard (internally & externally), so they close better deals and earn their place at the boardroom table.

I strongly believe that ...

When negotiators get heard, they live a meaningful life and massively support their company's financial success!

Let me tell you why:

Negotiators are often only achieving mediocre results. They have the feeling they can do better. This not only leads to missing their goals. It gets worse. People start to be disrespectful to us. 

Even down to a level that they say things like:

"We don't need them, everybody can do negotiations, there's nothing special about it..."

This makes people give up in their jobs and live an unfulfilled life.

ProcurementZen works with negotiators of all experience levels.

To improve their negotiation results.

To ensure their ideas get heard.

To earn respect throughout their organization.

I want every negotiator to advance their career so they earn that place at the boardroom table.

Key Characteristics (of a master negotiator)

Be Brave

A master negotiator is capable of dealing with conflicts in negotiations situations (internal & external negotiations). He / She does not shy away from conflicts

Be Creative

A master negotiator has an open mind that develops and tests uncommon strategies to achieve extraordinary negotiation results. 

Be Decisive

A master negotiator makes decisions also short term in an organization. He / she doesn't need 105% security through any kind of approval when he / she knows that 80% is maybe good enough.

From my point of view, these key characteristics also apply in this order.

Let me give you an example: If you are not brave enough to execute on a chosen strategy and go through a conflict that comes with it, nobody cares, if you are creative. Because all your strategies remain on paper (or slides) and never get executed.

Critical Actions to take

So how do you get there? How can YOU become a master negotiator? There are 3 critical actions you should take (repeatedly):

We learn

We constantly learn about psychology and negotiations approaches.

We apply & take action

We do not only learn new methods or improve old ones, we also execute these in our negotiations every day.

We strategize

We always strive to be on top of our markets. We know what's going on. Hence we regularly revisit our strategies, adjust and create new ones.

If you want to take the first step to "be heard", click the button below and discover how you can improve your "message" in the next few minutes (hands-on guide).