Negotiation for Procurement Professionals

No matter how much reporting or digitalization procurement pros do these days, negotiation is always at the core. How to apply a rich tool set of different negotiation strategies makes the difference between the unexperienced buyer and the seasoned procurement master. Dealing with difficult personality types, uncovering a blatant lie and using psychology to your advantage makes the difference between a mediocre career and an sky rocketing development in this profession.

Negotiation for Procurement Professionals comes down to 3 crucial factors


Without any kind of preparation, negotiators fly blind. They may succeed to a certain extent but the time and effort invested in negotiation preparation pays huge dividends.


We might think differently of our species but some things are hard wired in us. There are eternal truths that work more often than not and understanding them (and how people "tick") is key to any negotiation success.


By learning (and applying) new negotiation techniques, the procurement master evolves. Developing and improving skills is crucial in todays world of distraction and fluffiness.

Below are the most important blog posts and episodes I have published. They support you to prepare the right way, dive deep into psychology and learn new negotiation approaches.

Core Knowledge for Procurement Pros

These approaches and techniques will support you in your very next negotiation. You discvoer the best tools and techniques and how to use them. In addition you'll find great resources.

Ready to close that next deal on YOUR terms? This Ultimate List of Negotiation Techniques will help you with it!

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The best negotiation books ever. In this episode, I introduce to why I think these books are great, how they have been selected and evaluated.

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Throughout the years I have learned a lot of negotiation tactics. In this blog posts I will show you the tactics that are successful. I will also reveal details and how you can counteract them if the other party applies them on you.So negotiations. Everyone does them. It doesn’t matter if you want it or

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Setting the right anchor can be crucial to your negotiation success. This episode covers both siblings of this referencing process in detail. We dive deep into how to anchor, what the difference to framing is and how you can utilize the tools in an easy way.

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