April 26

Episode 25 – Negotiation Techniques: Storytelling & Acting


In this part of the ultimate list of negotiation techniques,we go over one of my most liked negotiation techniques “storytelling and acting”. We cover twelve powerful techniques that involve telling stories and acting to get the most out of your negotiation. Each technique is explained in depth with scenario examples.

Some of these techniques can be combined with each other or with techniques we covered in the previous episode to construct a stronger impact.


Episode Highlights

  • How to catch attention using subtle slides?
  • How acting dumb can prove to be helpful when negotiating?
  • Using psychological tactics to make them think it’s not worth breaking a deal?
  • Understanding to use aggressive techniques like insulting and fuming
  • Using excuses against dominant personalities
  • Understand how to build an irrational line of arguements and connect them to cause confusion
  • How to get most out of a contract using complaining in a professional way?
  • Reminding your counterpart to stay consistent
  • How to over-dramatize a situation and achor a tiny unfavorable demand with it to make a negotiation favorable for you?
  • Focusing on the role of the decision-maker and using their ego to your advantage.
  • How to use social proof to sound more credible?
  • How to bait the counterpart with awards to your advantage.

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