April 19

Episode 24 – Negotiation Techniques: Listening Techniques & Physical Approaches


In this episode of I break down the second to final episode under negotiation techniques into two categories. These categories are Listening Techniques and Physical Negotiation Techniques, both of which have their own sub-categories. I recommend selecting the particular technique that works best depending on the situation and what the negotiator aims to achieve. Or even combine two or more techniques when it’s deemed necessary.

Each technique is explained in depth with scenario examples.


Episode Highlights

  • What does Speed of Speech help the negotiator to uncover? 
  • Inactive Listening works as a good pattern interrupt
  • What is Listening by Selection more familiarly known for? 
  • What does everyone say about Active Listening? 
  • How does Competitive Listening differ from Active Listening?
  • What is the main purpose of Combative Listening?
  • Why is Passive Listening an aggressive type of Listening Technique?
  • Attentive Listening offers more opportunities to spot body language and non-verbal cues.
  • Tactile Warmth leads to more concessions.
  • Serve sweet food for a higher chance of your requests being favoured.
  • How can one become a more believable negotiator? 
  • How does a noisy environment help raise a person’s closer attention?
  • Leverage on hunger for a faster concession.
  • What kind of weather is favourable to an agreement and when is the best time of the day to hold a meeting?

Key points

  1. The big negotiation part is where you increase the other party’s insecurities. They cannot tell what you are thinking hence, they are making up potential scenarios in their minds.
  2. The topic appears more important if it draws attention. 
  3. A firm handshake on an important topic usually seals the deal.


The Ultimate List of Negotiation Techniques

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