Expensive Sentences – Focus Week

The book "Expensive Sentences" by author Jack Quarles is the topic of our very first focus week.

What is a focus week? In a nutshell, it is 5 episodes in a row that all focus on one topic. 5 days - 5 episodes basically.

The book Expensive Sentences is an amazing and very hands-on guide, when it comes to dealing (and overcoming) internal obstacles. Surely a situation, all procurement pros and master negotiator face more often than not.

Below you will find all published episodes of the Expensive Sentences Focus week. If you are up for some interesting bonus material (as in checklists on how to fight expensive sentences) sign up for our VIP club!

Pt 1 / 5 - An introduction into the book and the concept of the focus week

Pt 2 / 5 - Expensive Sentence #1: we need it yesterday (stuck myth)

Pt 3 / 5 - Expensive Sentence #2: we trust them (special myth)

Pt 4 / 5 - Expensive Sentence #3: we can't afford to let them go (scarce myth)

Pt 5 / 5 - Interview with "Expensive Sentences" author Jack Quarles

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