April 12

Episode 23 – Negotiation Techniques: Deal Design


The art of deal designing could be very helpful to make things go your way during a negotiation.

In this part of the Ultimate list of Negotiation Techniques, I teach you exactly that. We go over several clever negotiation techniques that you can use to design a deal in your favor.

Each technique is explained in depth with scenario examples.


Episode Highlights

  • I explain how demand inflation could be a useful tactic in designing a deal in your favor
  • How asking for upgrades even if you don’t get the upgrade could be a good idea?
  • Making an unrealistic counter offer as an extremely powerful tool in deal design
  • How to use bundling to improve your position in a negotiation?
  • What is a giveaway list? how to incorporate them while making counter offers?
  • How no response to any counter offer could motivate the other side to improve their offer
  • Make yourself standout using differentiating tactics
  • Use human nature of being fair to your advantage
  • Dramatizing a certain point: an extremely powerful tool
  • What to do when you need more time for a negotiation?
  • Indicate the interest of the other side using waste of time tactics
  • Use process change tactic to indicate how much the other side wants to do business with you

Key points

  1. You can use tactics used by suppliers as a buyer
  2. Aggressive tactics pose high risk but could give high rewards, use them cautiously
  3. Research shows to use precise statements are more acceptable to the other side


The Ultimate List of Negotiation Techniques

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