Procurement Zen is the podcast for anyone interested in negotiation and procurement. I share valuable tools, negotiation approaches, book reviews and interviews with seasoned negotiation pros. You will discover new findings and discuss ideas and new approaches to the world of negotiation. Kick your career to the next level with insights that help you win! Approaches that will help you achieve your desired negotiation results.

Episode 30 – Procurement & AI – Interview with Martin Rand from Pactum – Pt.1

In today’s episode, I interviewe Martin Rand; CEO and co-founder of Pactum (www.pactum.com). Martin not only has vast experience in negotiations, but he also shows how Machine learning and AI can help in negotiations. We go over the hot topic “digitalization in procurement”. Martin, being the CEO of a company that offers AI solutions in

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Episode 29 – Interview with a Procurement Expert – Pt.2

This is the 2nd part of the interview with Joachim Scheurich, who is a well-seasoned procurement expert. In the light of his vast on-field experience, Joachim shares with us the role of procurement during crises situations. Major focus of this part of the interview is on changing environments in procurement. Episode Highlights Understanding procurement in

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Episode 28 – Interview with a Procurement Expert – Pt.1

In this episode, I interview Joachim Scheurich, who is a well-seasoned procurement expert. Joachim shares his profound experience in this field and shares out of public view of the field.  He shares with us, how he started and how he grew in his role. You will hear a lot about great relationships and focusing on

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Episode 27 – Quarterly Podcast Review

In this episode of ProcurementZen I provide a brief overview of various podcast episodes that can benefit both negotiators and buyers stemming from the Procurement Talk with David Byrne, Art of Procurement podcast with Philip Ideson, and Sourcing Industry Landscape with Dawn Tiura. Episode Highlights Procurement Talk with David Byrne Series 3 Episode 5 –

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Episode 26 – Interview with Alex Carter

In this episode of ProcurementZen I interview Alexandra Carter, Director of the Mediation Clinic at the Columbia Law School a seasoned mediation expert and author of the book Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything. Alex talks about her book, the 10 questions that are covered in the work, advice she has learned in

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Episode 25 – Negotiation Techniques: Storytelling & Acting

In this part of the ultimate list of negotiation techniques,we go over one of my most liked negotiation techniques “storytelling and acting”. We cover twelve powerful techniques that involve telling stories and acting to get the most out of your negotiation. Each technique is explained in depth with scenario examples. Some of these techniques can

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Episode 24 – Negotiation Techniques: Listening Techniques & Physical Approaches

In this episode of I break down the second to final episode under negotiation techniques into two categories. These categories are Listening Techniques and Physical Negotiation Techniques, both of which have their own sub-categories. I recommend selecting the particular technique that works best depending on the situation and what the negotiator aims to achieve. Or

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Episode 23 – Negotiation Techniques: Deal Design

The art of deal designing could be very helpful to make things go your way during a negotiation. In this part of the Ultimate list of Negotiation Techniques, I teach you exactly that. We go over several clever negotiation techniques that you can use to design a deal in your favor. Each technique is explained

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Episode 22 – Negotiation Techniques: Anchoring

In this episode of ProcurementZen we continue the ultimate list of negotiation techniques. In this episode Phil Kowalski puts focus on anchoring techniques. Episode highlights Episode highlights Big initial number – big numbers if you aim high, small numbers if you want low prices Look into past techniques. Works very good because of consistency and

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