June 14

Episode 31 – Procurement & AI – Interview with Martin Rand from Pactum – Pt.2


This is the second part of an interview with Martin Rand; CEO and co-founder at pactum (www.pactum.com). We continue our discussion on how we can benefit from AI to meet our procurement goals.

Martin also makes a very special deal for all you listeners at the end of this episode.

Episode Highlights

  • Martin provides further insight on how AI works and in what ways it can benefit us to meet our procurement goals
  • Why is this global pandemic the best time for procurement people to make strategic considerations?
  • Phil and Martin discuss different negotiation strategies and schools of negotiations and how they are integrated in AI
  • Martin shares his companies success rate.
  • Martin announces a very special deal for the audience!

Key Points

  1. AI is not the next bidding platform, but its the very much needed in procurement.
  2. Strategic considerations need to be made during this crisis because right now ensuring deliveries is more important than squeezing some extra money from suppliers
  3. AI managed negotiations are in many ways better than negotiations done by humans for example AI can test all of the strategies and approaches and choose the best one.

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